My Conveyor

I was there sitting in my room so comfortably in such a cold wintery night when a paper fell down out of an old book. I was surprised to see it was that very piece of paper on which you once wrote me a poem…

My mind was wrapped up with your reminiscence and of the way you accidently did so much for me- accidentally on purpose…. It reminded me of the pleasures, you gave me by simple non materialistic things. Each syllable spoke of the way you used to flatter me by praising my eyes and my voice and my smile and what not. Images of you smiling at me started flashing in front of my eyes. Even that rusty paper had the fragrance of the priceless moments we shared. Then suddenly, I could feel you around me, sitting by my side. Your eyes, your lips and your spirit- all wore such a captivating smile.

My chain of thoughts was interrupted when all of a sudden my cell pinged. Oh! There was a notification from wordpress and then you disappeared. I just muted my cell and sat there for next 30 minutes waiting for you to return. But to my disappointment you didn’t come back.

Now I’m not sure if I should wait for some more time. But I’m damn sure that though just for a few moments, you really took me to a whole different world. You’re indeed my conveyor…..

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