Mini Creatures

I don’t really love animals, particularly not the dogs.

But whenever I see those pups, in the night full of fog.

It gives such a pleasure, it actually feels so nice.

The way they peep at everyone, with their innocent eyes.

There are four of them, one brown and three black.

Whenever my father gives them food, at once they all attack.

Their face turns wherever the morsel of bread goes.

Before taking the food in, they smell it by their nose.

How much food you may give them, they always want some more.

But they never fight for it, this is something I highly adore.

After looking at those pups, so cute and small.

I am left wondering if humans are really the finest of all??

Anyways, undoubtful is the fact that highly divine is nature.

Who has made you and me and all those miniatures.

This post has been published in response to Creature

Photo by André Spieker on Unsplash

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