Where were we??


I'm bewildered
feeling so mystified
I remember every word
that you spoke to me so clearly
without mincing with your words
And every syllable
in your symphonious voice
is hopscotching in my mind.

I loved the way
you told me
that you would fill the void
inside my body
The body-that everyone thinks of
as being already permeated
with glee and gaiety
And as a matter of fact
its really filled
brimming with nothingness.

I loved the way
you told me
that you were there
by my side,now and forever
ardent to calm the chaos 
within my brain.
To pacify the thunder inside me
The thunder-ready to give me 
and to leave every atom of me 

I loved the way
you said
that you would turn
the barren land of my heart
into a meadow
The heart which someone left
all shattered
shredded into a million pieces.
By soaking it in your love
and drenching it
in your passion

I really loved the way
you assured me
to remain by my side 
no matter what
And to keep your promise
the way you always do.
I remember everything
so well
except one thing

Where did you say it all?
Was it last night at the party
or yesterday
while we were heading home?
Oh! Was it in the garden
in the early hours of the day
when I was still dreamy?
I'm perturbed
highly bewildered
Yes I really am

So tell me
where were we
In any of these places?
Or were we
In my dreams??

This post has been published in response to Bewildered

Pic: Unsplash



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