We don’t have a hook still we get attached to people despite of knowing well that they will all one day leave. Isn’t it so horrible to think that people who were once essential part of your days become nothing but faded memories?

Ostensibly everything and everyone remains the same but in reality everything falls apart. It’s like the body still remains but the soul has long gone. It’s like the place is the same but has been left all destroyed after a flood- the flood which came to make you feel high but ended up leaving you all ruined.

Whatever runs in your head can’t be spoken or written or expressed in any way because there’s nothing going on in there. That person takes with him even your power of thinking. One may escape all sorts of addictions but when your drug becomes someone’s smile, it’s hard to let go.

Your lungs work well yet you run out of breath. Every cell of you gets fed up. Your heartbeat slows down, your brain tries to escape everything but your tear glands become more proficient than ever. They start working so well. Your auditory canal craves to hear the voice which once echoed in them all the time.

Rather than collecting your scattered pieces, your mind becomes engrossed in collecting those boundless moments spent with that person. And that nostalgic reminiscence leaves your wounds salted.

It takes just a few seconds to get attached to someone but even the whole life is too little to fill the space once that person departs. The cavity never fills.

But your incorrigible heart doesn’t learn a lesson. It insists to try one more time. And then once more. Does that quest ends ever?? I don’t really have an answer. Do you??

In response to Insist and enigma of my mind. So don’t forget to drop your views.

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14 thoughts on “Enigma

  1. No. That void can never be filled. The place they made in your heart, the shape they made in their, cannot be replaced or filled by someone else. Though they can be much better but our heart will long for that one only.
    Ironic to accept. Sometimes impossible.

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  2. Beautifully expressed feelings. I know them too well. But I’m on the bright side of that enigma. 🙂 My experience is that we can heal every wound and that every ending has its meaning in our lives. We cannot replace a person, of course, but there is still place for new people and experiences. Memories do fade and that is natural and alright. I remember with love, releasing the bitterness, as long as my heart needs to remember. If it needs to let memories go, and to make space for something new, I’m fine with it.

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        1. Yes you are right my friend. We humans get attached to things and people but we have also got an unparalleled strength to face things. It just depends if we make our emotions our strength or weakness😊

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