The Final Goodbye

Just a few days ago, a school bus fell into a deep gorge in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh taking lives of over 25 children, all less than the age of 10. Some if them as a matter of fact had their first day to school. The pain and suffering of all those families is beyond our imagination. Even thinking about it is dreadful enough.

Deepest condolences to all the families affected and peace to all the souls departed.

We always say goodbye but we never know which one is the last…

Frothed with fervence
She was ready to bid goodbye to her son
It was afterall his first day to school
How would she live so many hours
Without his childish pranks
And his tender voice
echoing in the house
Demanding toy trains and air planes

As she woke him up
he opened his glittering eyes
Brimming with innocence
His flimsy hands enveloping her fingers
Emanating oblivion
Ignorant of the worldly transience
Perhaps pleading her
not to send him away
alone to a peculiar place

And her heart melted again
when he muttered that magical word
outpouring love
A great squabble going on
between her head and her heart
With indomitable courage
she let her head win
Getting him ready for the school

It seemed as if
far away was going her soul
To protect him from all negativity
behind his ear she put some kohl

All dressed up in his blue uniform
looking so chubby and so tall
She blew him a flying kiss
as he sat in the school bus
and that was all…

Her fate doomed upon her
as she received that curse full call
Hurriedly she reached the place
Where laid her kid, so tiny and small

With trembling feet and numbed body
she went to him and as she reached near
His contagious smile imprinted her mind
And his charming voice filled her ear

She sat by his side
too shattered to even curse her fate
She shook him up, he would stand up back
A miracle she did await

Holding his cold hands, she called his name
hoping to hear a reply
The silence choked up her heart
she lost each breath and every sigh

As they cover him with a shroud
she hugs him, embraces and adores
She is out of her senses, too numb
to believe that her kid is no more

Read more about the incident


8 thoughts on “The Final Goodbye

  1. Thanks for your thoughtful creation keeping in view the mother who had mixed feelings about sending her child to school on his first day. You are a beautiful soul connecting with the Kangra families in a powerful way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The incident was horrible enough to leave even a stone melted my friend. Such happenings time and again refute our belief of thinking our selves the most powerful beings. Thank you for a kind read..

      Liked by 1 person

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