The Park (final part)

Please read The park (Part 1) and The Park (Part 2) before you go for this one

She felt horrified now
A shiver ran through her spine
All she could do was pray and bow
Wishing her to be fine

She saw her slippers just then
The pink ones with cute dolls
So, she was behind the bench
That wasn’t funny at all

Finding her at last she wheezed
And paced towards her
Maybe she has fallen asleep
Must be tired, My Silly Girl

As soon as there she reached
She saw a terrible sight
“Stand up love”, she beseeched
Not ready to accept her plight

Savouring joys of childhood
It had her treasurable hours
Now nothing her chirpy voice could say
Only who spoke were her scars

Mom I thought this park to be
So lovely, calm and safe
But no one ever told me
That here I could be raped


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