The One Departed (II)

The dreadful day is back
Crystal clear
As if it happened yesterday
The fear incapacitating my mind
An uncanny sensation
His body stiffened and became pale
He lay there
Clouded by people around
The ones who met him every day
And those who couldn’t manage
To meet him
While he was alive
I couldn’t see
His brown eyes
For they were closed now
Strangely my feet quivered
To go near him
The way others did
Faces as white
As the shroud above him
Mourns and cries floating around
Words left unsaid
Regrets for things said…

Exactly two years from then
Things have changed
But it feels as if that day is back
The same silent evening
Darkness pervading
Maybe that’s what makes people different
From things

The One Departed

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