Welcome Adulthood

Hey people!!

It has been such a long time I talked to you. So much has been happening lately.

My Board exams are over (one of the biggest milestones in India). And yesterday CBSE surprised (or maybe shocked) us all by releasing the Board results way too early. So I performed pretty well, less than I had expected though (inevitable human expectations you see).

And last week I turned 18 ( yippee) which changes my official status from a TEEN to an ADULT.

Being an adult was something I long awaited. I’ll get a driving license and a voter ID card (and people thinking of me as somewhat responsible)

But suddenly I miss my teenage. I loved emanating those TEENAGE VIBES- being all carefree, zealous, adventurous, ambitious and full of mood swings.

My super recent adulthood, however, compels me to hush up my illogical thoughts, conceal my whimsical emotions, hold back my out-of-the-world kind of fantasies and wishes and make my nonsensical humour all dormant.

I wonder why adults have created such a dreadful image of themselves (according to me atleast) brimming with monotony, artfulness, ego centrism and responsibilities.

If being so makes one adult, I’m still a teenager and will always love to be one. (Plus I get to keep pink as my favourite colour :))

So, as I’m stepping into an entirely new world, I’ve decided to start with a new series called ‘Growing Up’ wherein I’ll post whatever my Adulthood will teach me in the form of short write-ups.

Since I’m naive in this new world your views on this series and all its posts are highly solicited.

Till then see you!!

Pic by Andrea Mininni

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