This is the first post in my new series called ‘Growing Up’
Check this post for more details on the same.

I had expected quite a lot in my Board results- more than I could actually score. Marks don’t matter they say, but what about coming up to the expectations you have from yourself or those of others around you? Now the question is why couldn’t I score as much as I’d expected? Who was responsible for the same?

As this was the first thing that happened to me as I turned 18, the foremost learning as an adult was-

Whatever happened to me, happened because of me
Whatever is happening, is so because of me
I know what to do with my life
I know where to reach
And how to reach there
If I didn’t get something, that was because of me
And if I got something, that too was partially because of me
I am working in such a way that things turn out my way
But I also accept them if they don’t…

So the first thing I learnt as an Adult is to own the responsibility for the things that happen in my life rather than simply looking for someone to pass the blame on.

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