Choices- GU#2

This is the second post in my series GROWING UP. Check Here for more details.

The one thing that marks the beginning of adulthood is making choices. As a teenager the only choice you’ve to make is between your beautiful black dress or that pretty pink one. But as an adult you’ve to make relationship choices. You have to choose your Government and even the vendor to buy groceries from.

Moreover you can no longer look for people to guide you. (And if you do you end up in despair)

Quite often these decisions are conflicting. Family versus dream job or career. The latter one wins as per the need of the hour (atleast that what we tell ourselves).

Mother’s nurturing lap
Extended 10 minute nap
Exclusively sibling rap
‘Only BFF thing’ crap
All of them are hard to wrap
When you have to move to ASAP
At another point in life’s map

So as an adult what has been the most difficult choice you’ve made? Did you get it right? Do share in the comments.

Pic : Jon Tyson




21 thoughts on “Choices- GU#2

    1. Even I have a great choice to make regarding my career right now. But not regretting about my decision later is what’s quite important for one’s inner peace. Thanks for popping by☺️

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  1. The growing up years is the learning curve, I say don’t be conscious, go ahead, make mistakes and learn from them all. Don’t be conscious and not let society define you. My choices were flawed and feel that I haven’t changed at all… still feel 18! Why I didn’t listen to my heart more often!

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    1. And this wonderful advice of yours is surely going to help me a lot ☺️ I’m happy so far I’ve always listened to my heart n I’ll always try to continue doing so… Thank you for your valuable piece of advice😊😊

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  2. Hi Ridhima,
    As an adult, as you say, I have never been quite right about making decisions. I have failed miserably, sometimes, and there are times where I came out with flying colors. There have been regrets too, but what I don’t regret os having that regrets in my life. For me that is how I grow, learning from my own mistakes.
    Good luck to you 🙂

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