Hey people!!

I’ve been away from this place for so long. That transition from school to college took quite some time for me. But all through this time I missed this amazing place and of course you all. Now I am back, though.

On some days words are the only way to liberate one’s thoughts and the only escapism one has is writing. You all know that well, right? And today’s one of those days.

So here it goes

Times have changed
So have You and I
You talked more about you
I talked more about me
But little did we talk about us
The way we had been
The way we could have been
And here I am
Still overthinking
The way I used to

You told me I looked beautiful
The way you used to say
I smiled
The way I used to do
You have always been great at flattering me, haven’t you been?
But there was something missing today
Could you feel that too??
Or was it just me
Overthinking… Yet Again??

That little moment
When your eyes met mine
A feeling I am so familiar with
That very feeling I had while walking with you
In December’s morning
Just fog everywhere and you and me
You remember that day, don’t you??
It’s December again
Just fog everywhere
And within me

Two years have passed by
Priorities and personal commitments fulfilled
By both you and me
But somewhere have we lost Us??
Has time taken over… Us??
Has it taken over
what we called Love??
You have changed
I have changed
Or maybe
The vibes between us have
But one thing that has stayed the same
And probably forever will
I still overthink.

And also I miss us
And everyday…

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