Hey people…
Change is the only constant, they say…

Times change and so do people. Feelings change and so do opinions. But there is yet another thing that doesn’t change ever- Our yearning to stick with the earlier versions- of people, things and most importantly situations.

Clinging to that person who has long left. Lost in that love which no more exists. Craving for memories that still reside under the blankets of our hearts- the ones which perhaps would never turn into stories- long forgotten.

Reliving the elapsed memories gives us comfort, atleast that is what we keep telling ourselves. But for how long? And how much? Maybe we are too afraid to ask these questions to ourselves.

The one who just went away, was he really worth fighting for? The one you just left, was it really your happy place? Those circumstances that are no more the same, did they really help you grow? Or is all of that just a deception you keep on weaving over and over again?

Yes, change is the only constant because even the sky keeps on changing its colors. How could we remain the same- you and I?

Hope you all are doing well and are safe with your families amidst the global pandemic we all have to face at the moment.

Sure most of us are locked up inside our homes and our normal routines have messed up, but maybe now is the time we all slow down and take a break from the ever increasing rush especially in our professional lives.

So how your lives have changed while being quarantined? Do share in the comments. And needless to say, stay indoors, stay safe…

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