Who am I?

Life is short but if lived well then is enough. Everything has an expiry date but our’s isn’t stamped on us. People may set fire to our body, leave our ashes to float in water, even forget our names. What remains for ever are the words written by us. Because they are something that can never be mutilated nor can be defaced. So that may be the easiest way to leave your mark. And yes, I do want to leave my mark….

Just as all the other Home sapience, I too am a skeleton wrapped up by a mass of cells containing cytoplasm and other stuff. But there is a lot more to it. Now, don’t think that I have some peculiar outgrowth on my body but yes, I’ve got many things which make me different from other people. I may not be able to tell whether i”m better or worse but i”m different and that is for sure.

I’m not a Jr. Bella Hadid with lots of fan following, nor am I like Sophia Amoruso with my name in ’30 under 30′. As a matter of fact I have only a handful of friends whom I can really call as my FRIENDS. So, maybe you are thinking that I am a prodigy who has completed my graduation at the age of 16. But you’ll be disappoint to know I’m not.

I’m just a 16 year old female who like most Indian teenagers is still dependent on her family for her survival. Yeah according to Indian Education System I am still A KID but according to me one third of my life is already over. I wont tell you why but I’ve told you that i am DIFFERENT- not ¬†as I’ve got some super natural powers but because I’ve got lots of Supernatural dreams of mine. I’ve my own world of imagination, my own sets of beliefs, my own perspectives, point of views over every things and of course out of the world kind of super exciting dreams and ambitions. I’ve crushes over imaginary people, fantasies over places that I’m not even sure if exist and yes I’m not at all a coffee or chocolate or a maggi lover (and I think this is what alienates me from most Indian population).

You may call me a chatterbox but let me tell you though I speak a lot but am not an extrovert. Rather you may call me an extrovertic introvert.So, that is the main reason of me blogging over here. I really don’t mind what you as a reader think. All I want is to relieve myself from the overflowing thoughts my mind carries all the time.As John Green says,”MY THOUGHTS ARE STARS I CAN’T FATHOM INTO CONSTELLATIONS”.