Every morning
My eyes rush
to catch a glimpse
of that gleeful face
And the moment I find
those bottomless brown eyes
a rapid rush of adrenaline
flows through me
pinkening my pale skin
His sight penetrates through me
parts of me
yet to be discovered
My pensive feelings
yawning sleepily
wake up with a jerk
exhilarated by effervescence
entangled by ecstacy
by the smoke of solace
All my toasty thoughts
cuddled up
inside the blanket of my heart
begin to levitate
towards the stratosphere
I feel intoxicated
to see that addictive face
again and again
If the appetite
will be satiated
I doubt…

In response to explore



12 thoughts on “Intoxicated

    1. Thank you so much Ridhhima for all your lovely words😊This is what I felt after reading one if the books of Anuja Chauhan- my fav writer. U see my inspirations are quite diverse:)


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