A world without YOU

Two days from now and you will be all gone… Far away…

Though we can never part and you will always remain my most essential part but still let me tell you how I think the world will be… The world without you.

My mind, your thoughts
My heart, your rythm
My lips, your name
My ears, your voice
My sleep, your dreams
My prayer, your wish
My poetry, your mention
My eyes….
no more of you

And then you want me to bid you a happy farewell?? Without shedding even a single drop of tear??

You told me I’m strong. But what you are asking me to do is something insurmountable.

Every second my mind will be wrapped up by the thoughts of being wrapped up by your arms. I might sleep the whole day but I won’t be able to rejuvenate my tired soul- the soul tired of missing someone so bad. The soul tired of longing for someone long gone.

Living in that world won’t be easy, I know. If I’m courageous enough, I doubt. So tell me, am I??

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I’m really happy to share with you all that my first nanotale has been featured by The Untold Scribbles by Roy in their Valentines series.

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Just maybe

Love is¬†in the air. Everyone is busy talking about their love stories. I’m happy I don’t have one. But there’s something I want to tell someone.

I know whatever we talked in those endless nights and that date you took me to will remain a sweet imagination. All that I had asked you was a warm hug but you gave me my first kiss. Even if just in our heads yet the way your lips touched mine…. Oh! That relishing feeling is perfectly preserved in my heart. The sweet shiver my spine got every time you held my hands.

But now all those butterflies¬†I had in my stomach when your eyes met mine have rested in peace. There’s no trace of any of them.

You might be thinking what suddenly happened to me and why am I talking of that old stuff today??

I haven’t forgotten the way my walls melted each time you gave me that captivating smile. My love, every moment of our cute ‘little’ tale is treasured in my heart. But now I’m done with all the faking. I’m tired of wearing that “I’m so strong” kind of tag.

The burden of nostalgia has made my heart heavy and the way you react as if everything is fine is the madeleine to it. I don’t know what’s up to you but I can’t fake it and nor am I that strong.

All that you are doing right now is right but my love its hurting and really so. Every part of me is aching. What has made it worst is that my body responds to one and only one medicine ‘YOU”. It’s only you who can annihilate my pain.

I know you won’t be able to hold yourself back after reading this. I know you really well my love. Maybe that’s why I chose to write here so that my words can reach you… Never.

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Where were we??



What do you want??

The sky has become grey from blue,

Does it remind something to you??

As the tiny droplets touch the ground,

It is mnemonic to everyone around.

Some people at once get turned on,

Others remember those who have long gone-

the ones who have peacefully rested above

or the ones who were once their love.

There are some who love the lightening

And some who find it so frightening.

Some just want to be with their own

Maybe they are a bit more overgrown.

Their wanderlust once again restores

wonders of nature they start to explore.

Pain afflicting hearts get balmed,

when the weather sprinkles its charm.

So under these different shades of grey

Whom do you want to stay??

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Wrap me around you
and hug me so tight
Wear me like a cloak
I'm all yours tonight

Ask me to stay here
Tonight don't let me go
Just keep staring at me
We'll fall in love so slow.

Say everything you want to
All that you want to confess
Break all promises tonight
And make this love a mess.

No more exchange of words
Let our eyes intertwine
Tonight I'm all yours
And you are all mine.

Pacify my mutilated soul
Without leaving a room for worry
I wish everything to be everlasting
Tonight we are in no hurry.

Under the cold starlit sky
We'll go for a long walk
No more endless conversations
Let silence do all the talk.

Don't take me away 
To the lands of fairies and knights
Lets be with one another
and create our own story tonight.

Lock our hands, eyes and lips
and break every line
I'm really your tonight
And you are just mine. 

photo Ryan Graybill on Unspash


We don’t have a hook still we get attached to people despite of knowing well that they will all one day leave. Isn’t it so horrible to think that people who¬†were once essential part of your days become nothing but faded memories.

Ostensibly everything and everyone remains the same but in reality everything falls apart. It’s like the body still remains but the soul has long gone. It’s like the place is the same but has been left all destroyed after a flood- the flood which came to make you feel high but ended up leaving you all ruined.

Whatever runs in your head can’t be spoken or written or expressed in any way because there’s nothing going on in there. That person takes with him even your power of thinking. One may escape all sorts of addictions but when your drug becomes someone’s smile, it’s hard to let go.

Your lungs work well yet you run out of breath. Every cell of you gets fed up. Your heartbeat slows down, your brain tries to escape everything but your tear glands become more proficient than ever. They start working so well. Your auditory canal craves to hear the voice which once echoed in them all the time.

Rather than collecting your scattered pieces, your mind becomes engrossed in collecting those boundless moments spent with that person. And that nostalgic reminiscence leaves your wounds salted.

It takes just a few seconds to get attached to someone but even the whole life is too little to fill the space once that person departs. The cavity never fills.

But your incorrigible heart doesn’t learn a lesson. It insists to try one more time. And then once more. Does that¬†quest ends ever?? I don’t really have an answer. Do you??

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Where were we??


I'm bewildered
feeling so mystified
I remember every word
that you spoke to me so clearly
without mincing with your words
And every syllable
in your symphonious voice
is hopscotching in my mind.

I loved the way
you told me
that you would fill the void
inside my body
The body-that everyone thinks of
as being already permeated
with glee and gaiety
And as a matter of fact
its really filled
brimming with nothingness.

I loved the way
you told me
that you were there
by my side,now and forever
ardent to calm the chaos 
within my brain.
To pacify the thunder inside me
The thunder-ready to give me 
and to leave every atom of me 

I loved the way
you said
that you would turn
the barren land of my heart
into a meadow
The heart which someone left
all shattered
shredded into a million pieces.
By soaking it in your love
and drenching it
in your passion

I really loved the way
you assured me
to remain by my side 
no matter what
And to keep your promise
the way you always do.
I remember everything
so well
except one thing

Where did you say it all?
Was it last night at the party
or yesterday
while we were heading home?
Oh! Was it in the garden
in the early hours of the day
when I was still dreamy?
I'm perturbed
highly bewildered
Yes I really am

So tell me
where were we
In any of these places?
Or were we
In my dreams??

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Mini Creatures

I don’t really love animals, particularly not the dogs.

But whenever I see those pups, in the night full of fog.

It gives such a pleasure, it actually feels so nice.

The way they peep at everyone, with their innocent eyes.

There are four of them, one brown and three black.

Whenever my father gives them food, at once they all attack.

Their face turns wherever the morsel of bread goes.

Before taking the food in, they smell it by their nose.

How much food you may give them, they always want some more.

But they never fight for it, this is something I highly adore.

After looking at those pups, so cute and small.

I am left wondering if humans are really the finest of all??

Anyways, undoubtful is the fact that highly divine is nature.

Who has made you and me and all those miniatures.

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Photo by André Spieker on Unsplash

So puzzling

You said that till the end, you will just be my friend.

Your idea I didn’t reject, I wanted to but I didn’t object.

But your actions don’t match your words, like summer and siberian birds.

Tell me why did you blush, when someone called me your crush??

You think I never see, every time when you stare at me.

Your childishness don’t you tame, I know you love when I take your name.

Whenever its your turn, you try to camouflage your concern.

Tell me isn’t it true, so many small things for me you do??

Your heart melts when I cry, rather than accepting you always deny.

You try your best to conceal, that my words help you heal.

On seeing me your eyes get bright, do you think I’ve never caught that sight??

You always refuse boy, being with me gives you immense joy.

Is it really big crime, if you admit with me you love spending your time??

Always want us to stay near, all my stubbornness you happily bear.

Yet you always tell a lie, I fail to understand why.

I am really confused now… You are more puzzling than a jigzaw puzzle…

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Profusely Elated

6:15 am

She knocked her mother’s door. Mom woke up, startled. How could she wake up so early on a holiday?? Her mom reminded her that it was an off today.

She smiled and told her mom that today she was going to meet her bestie after such a long time.

Usually at that hour of the day she was half asleep- with her mother’s voice making her eardrums vibrate, asking her to get ready. But today to everyone’s surprise she was bright eyed and bushy tailed. She was profusely elated and wanted to waste no time in reaching her friend’s home. Her mom was astonished too to see her ill timed daughter being ready on the dot. She left the home bubbled up with excitement.

She was always known for arriving late every time. QUEENS ARE ALWAYS LATE….She used to say. But today for the first time the Queen was going to reach somewhere well on time.

She didn’t know it earlier that she can ever be so happy to meet a person. But how couldn’t she?? She was going to meet the one who had made her 5 years at college so wonderful. She was the one who had shared not just her smiles and tears but also the terrible food of hostel and the weird warden. The only one who never made her feel homesick despite if being far away from home.

She had already made a list of things that she had to share in her mind. And yes today was the day when she decided to surprise her friend by not being late.

12:31 pm

Friend’s home…

“So today too she’s late”, thought her friend. “She won’t mend her ways ever. But today I am not going to listen to any of her excuses. And now she’s not even picking up my calls”.

Finally after 10 her cell ringed. Her friend was ready to yell at her when suddenly her face became pale to hear her mother’s shivering voice on the other side.

12:59 pm

Even now her friend’s mind is occupied with every word that her mother said,” My child, do not wait for her…. She has met with an accident… She won’t be able to come today, not ever…. She is no more….”

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