With his mother in a town lived a curious child

One day some questions popped up in his mind

The world is so big and my feet are small

How will I be able to cover it up all?

How will my tiny eyes understand other’s pain

Or single out teary faces under the rain?

To wipe those tears my hand is feeble and weak

How will it clear the distraught drenched cheek?

My mind won’t be able to catch up the train

Of thoughts of people who call themselves sane

How will I replace my smile with a frown

Like all men and women thriving in the town

To let every dark cloud easily pass

Stoicism and strength how will I amass?

Like you how will I be able to hide my scars

For people to peep in , my heart will be ajar.

One day everyone will leave me at the eleventh hour

And venom of malice is all that they’ll shower

In this obscure dusky world of overgrowns

Taking every breath will be a great milestone

Among hushed up voices my thoughts I won’t shout

If I’ll be able to survive that way I really doubt.

Isn’t it true that living in the world as a grown-up among those Grownups is not as good as it seems. Do you think that way too? Or is there a brighter side to your story? Don’t forget to drop your precious comments.

And if you pen down your version do let me know.



Isn’t it funny, the way memory works?

There are things you can’t quite remember and the ones you can not really forget.

Abysmal memories
entombed in the catacomb of heart
encased in those four chambers so well
perhaps eclipsed by every other soul
Deceiving our own psyche
Yet at times stumbling upon
that very sepulcher
which we swore never to visit again
reviving the accursed ordeal
that we were tired of hating
leaving the scar sore
and wound enkindled
The reminiscent woe leaving us wobbly
so giddy
that we start detesting
our wanderlust of visiting
that dreadful place
yet again

Finally a 3 digit😊

Hey everybody!! Buen dia!!

How are you all??

I know it’s been quite a long time that I’m talking to you all. And maybe after this post you’ll see me after a fortnight. You see my studies don’t let me spare any time for writing these days. Board class is harder than I thought it would be:)

Anyway first of all let me tell you that finally my followers have touched a three digit… Yippeee!!

It all started with one of my most adorable friends, Vrinda Sharma, reading all of my scribbles with utmost patience. She was the one who made me realise that once you start penning down your thoughts, you no more look for people to share your feelings with. I started blogging with literally no idea if I’ll find any reader. But what happened was that I found so many patient readers who soon became my friends.

Thank you so much to all the lovely people out there who take out moments from their precious time to read my writings both on wp and otherwise and encourage me with their thoughtful comments. Muchas Gracias

It’s not just about the number but about the wonderful feeling of connecting with souls who think the way I do, those who feel the way I do and those who have so much to say but no one to hear. Getting to be a part of this amazing community is such a great feeling.

A big bunny hug 🤗 🤗

P.s. It’s been just a week that I started learning Spanish. Pardon me for wrong usage anywhere. Do tell me of any of you can help me with my Spanish lessons.


Breaking point

Another beautiful composition by Megha.

Megha's World

“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.”
― Shannon L. Alder


A thousand sweet praises
I can listen sweetly
and keep forgetting them
the next day I rise

Only one insult from you
hurled at me
from your sullen mouth
breaks and shakes me
shatter me
into million pieces
It gnaws at my insides

There is no beginning
and there is no end
the pain seems to
wriggle its way
all around me
making a tight knot
I’m unable to open

The incessant choking
and my raspy breath
is frantically looking for a
a breeze of fresh air

How is it that I
live with all my flaws
with my head held high
but a single insult
I can’t seem to bear
it kills me alive.

Photo by Simson Petrol on Unsplash

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The Greatest Fear

I was walking there
On the dark and dusky path
only by the mellow moonlight
And my unruffled thoughts
of delusion
of valour

No one could frighten me
Neither the insects
nor the fate
It was then I realized
when a shadow started following me
What my real fear was.

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The Final Goodbye

Just a few days ago, a school bus fell into a deep gorge in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh taking lives of over 25 children, all less than the age of 10. Some if them as a matter of fact had their first day to school. The pain and suffering of all those families is beyond our imagination. Even thinking about it is dreadful enough.

Deepest condolences to all the families affected and peace to all the souls departed.

We always say goodbye but we never know which one is the last…

Frothed with fervence
She was ready to bid goodbye to her son
It was afterall his first day to school
How would she live so many hours
Without his childish pranks
And his tender voice
echoing in the house
Demanding toy trains and air planes

As she woke him up
he opened his glittering eyes
Brimming with innocence
His flimsy hands enveloping her fingers
Emanating oblivion
Ignorant of the worldly transience
Perhaps pleading her
not to send him away
alone to a peculiar place

And her heart melted again
when he muttered that magical word
outpouring love
A great squabble going on
between her head and her heart
With indomitable courage
she let her head win
Getting him ready for the school

It seemed as if
far away was going her soul
To protect him from all negativity
behind his ear she put some kohl

All dressed up in his blue uniform
looking so chubby and so tall
She blew him a flying kiss
as he sat in the school bus
and that was all…

Her fate doomed upon her
as she received that curse full call
Hurriedly she reached the place
Where laid her kid, so tiny and small

With trembling feet and numbed body
she went to him and as she reached near
His contagious smile imprinted her mind
And his charming voice filled her ear

She sat by his side
too shattered to even curse her fate
She shook him up, he would stand up back
A miracle she did await

Holding his cold hands, she called his name
hoping to hear a reply
The silence choked up her heart
she lost each breath and every sigh

As they cover him with a shroud
she hugs him, embraces and adores
She is out of her senses, too numb
to believe that her kid is no more

Read more about the incident

Social Evils ( An Anthology)

So this anthology by Megha once again left me out of words. In the era of development we might have achieved a lot materialistic but there’s so much more to get.A really long way to go. But then there are people like her who do their bit to bring a change.
Something everyone should read & share.

Megha's World


Hello, my blogging family,

As they say that “Pen is mightier than the sword” and being a poet/blogger we all know about the mesmerizing and strong impression our words can make on the lives of the people around us. On the eve of the World poetry day, I would like to wish all my bloggers/writers/poets of our wonderful WordPress community, more power to their thoughts and to their ever-magical quill.

Also, since I have been using poetry as a medium of my creative expression and thoughts I wanted to write a series of poems based on the few social evils of our society. Everyone I know must have experienced any of these while growing up, so I implore you to take your precious time to read about them and spread the awareness and any steps which we can do to stop them from festering in our society.

I have always…

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All Numb

I miss you
no more
Not that
I’ve forgotten you
or the intimate moments
spent with you
But that
the constant yearning
to get you back
has turned me frigid
all numb
I’m out of my senses
The chances
to get back are really low
both my senses
and you…

In response to frigid

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Every morning
My eyes rush
to catch a glimpse
of that gleeful face
And the moment I find
those bottomless brown eyes
a rapid rush of adrenaline
flows through me
pinkening my pale skin
His sight penetrates through me
parts of me
yet to be discovered
My pensive feelings
yawning sleepily
wake up with a jerk
exhilarated by effervescence
entangled by ecstacy
by the smoke of solace
All my toasty thoughts
cuddled up
inside the blanket of my heart
begin to levitate
towards the stratosphere
I feel intoxicated
to see that addictive face
again and again
If the appetite
will be satiated
I doubt…

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For Ever

“If nothing lasts forever let’s be Nothing”. – anonymous

For the one who wants to fall in love:

Love someone badly
to the core
but don’t forget
to love yourself
It is you who will stay
with you
no matter what
and forever
That is the end of loneliness
and beginning of
a romantic journey
enduring lifetime….

For the one who has fallen in love:

Give your heart away
but remember
it may return
and fragmented into
perhaps a zillion pieces
Making you really difficult
to hold them all
and fix them back
You may be pulverized
nothing lasts forever…

For the one with a broken heart:

Anything may not last
But who said that
transience can’t be perfect
So love someone again
and again
Till your heart runs out of love
till it gets fed up
of stitching itself back
And trust me
it won’t
Love loves to love love…

Fall in love then stand back and then fall again. Maybe that’s how it works. But never stop loving…It may be fake but that’s the only thing that’s real…

In response to Warning

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