It’s getting cold now
The evening growing dusky
Sky exhibiting all shades of darkness
Breeze harbouring petrichor
The one you loved
Tinkling my hair
The way you did
Moist green leaves
Lying on the muddy ground
And crimson flowers
Blooming on the trees
Nests cradling cheery birds
Coming back to their tiny chics
Only two stars visible above
Twinkling and staring down
Perhaps trying to cheer me up
By listening to my silent songs
Things seem calm
Everything around yet something missing
And here I am
In your Tuxedo


The One Departed (II)

The dreadful day is back
Crystal clear
As if it happened yesterday
The fear incapacitating my mind
An uncanny sensation
His body stiffened and became pale
He lay there
Clouded by people around
The ones who met him every day
And those who couldn’t manage
To meet him
While he was alive
I couldn’t see
His brown eyes
For they were closed now
Strangely my feet quivered
To go near him
The way others did
Faces as white
As the shroud above him
Mourns and cries floating around
Words left unsaid
Regrets for things said…

Exactly two years from then
Things have changed
But it feels as if that day is back
The same silent evening
Darkness pervading
Maybe that’s what makes people different
From things

The One Departed

Quotes Tag

One of the most adorable bloggers The Cereus Florus has nominated me for the Quotes Tag. Do check out her wonderful write ups if you haven’t.

The rules are simple. The nominee can put up quotes from novels, poetries, songs, etc. which have inspired him/her in some way or the other, at some point of his/her life or career, or both. The nominee would be given the discretion to do whatsoever they want to do in the post; he/she can structure the post in his/her own way. The only rule is to put up your favourite quotes and nominate others for the tag!

Emily Weiss

“Empowerment is the buzzword in industry. But I don’t like that word. People are already powerful. All we need to do is help them unlock their power.”

Muniba Mazari

“Be kind to yourself. Only then you can be kind to others. If someone’s absence makes you better, cherish their absence. It’s always a blessing in disguise.”

Howard Schultz

“Dream more than others, think practical
Expect more than others, think possible
Care more than others, think wise.”

Casey Brown

“No one will pay you what you’re worth. They’ll only pay you what you think you are worth. And you control their thinking.”

Claudia Clan

“We are all born with natural gifts and our purpose, our job is to find out what.”

Malavika Varadan

“A conversation is like reading a book. And every person is a really good book. We are not abridged versions to be boiled up in 140 characters and catchy headlines. We are entire human stories? We deserve more from each other. So what are you going to do in this world called the Library? Look around at the hardbound copies and read the titles?Or actually reach out for a book, open a page and start reading a story? You decide…”

Robert Frost

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep.”

Pablo Neruda

“So I wait for you like a lonely house
till you will see me again and live in me.
Till then my windows ache.

And here’s by Anonymous

“The world is not a fairy tale my dear
Leaving a shoe won’t get you a Prince
Try leaving your foot prints instead
And wait for a wanderer to follow”

My nominies



The Rendezvous Club

Shantanu Baruah



The Girl in Red

Every murmur in the wedding hall dropped dead
As she stepped in looking so beautiful in red

Suddenly all the charming lilies started looking frail
And all the lovely lavenders at once became pale

Placed in the garland that interdigitated her hair
With those white jasmine aromatic turned the air

Not even the sublime ocean with high rising foam
Had ever seemed to be such a divine epitome

From the dew drops on a crimson rose’s realm
Had perhaps she got her angelic charm

A feast to the eyes, it was such an ethereal sight
So son, that’s how your mother looked at our wedding night


The Park (final part)

Please read The park (Part 1) and The Park (Part 2) before you go for this one

She felt horrified now
A shiver ran through her spine
All she could do was pray and bow
Wishing her to be fine

She saw her slippers just then
The pink ones with cute dolls
So, she was behind the bench
That wasn’t funny at all

Finding her at last she wheezed
And paced towards her
Maybe she has fallen asleep
Must be tired, My Silly Girl

As soon as there she reached
She saw a terrible sight
“Stand up love”, she beseeched
Not ready to accept her plight

Savouring joys of childhood
It had her treasurable hours
Now nothing her chirpy voice could say
Only who spoke were her scars

Mom I thought this park to be
So lovely, calm and safe
But no one ever told me
That here I could be raped


The Park (Part 2)

I recommend you to read The park (Part 1) before you go for part 2…

Suddenly mother’s face turned pale
and she picked up her sac
There had risen a ghastly gale
She decided to call her back

As she opened the squeaky gate
Searching her on slides and roundabout
She started cursing her fate
When she was nowhere to be found

Maybe she is hiding again
Playing her childish prank
Which drove the mother insane
With fear her heart sank

The game was enough for now
She called her aloud
Darkness made it even tough
She looked everywhere around

Savouring the joys of childhood
It had her treasurable hours
Inseparable it was from her
Like the moon from its stars

What happened next? Could the mother find her? Please read The Park (final part) to know.

Till then take care. See you next time😊

The Park (Part 1)

She must have gone there again
In the nearby park
Playing on the toy train
Swinging the rusty arch

The mother was carefree
She would surely be there
Maybe climbed up on a tree
Or playing with sand somewhere

Whenever she had a fight
At school or at home
Be it early morning or night
She went there to roam

She used to play and walk and sit
She loved that park the most
No one could keep her away from it
Not even the hearsaid ghost

Savouring joys of childhood

It had her treasurable hours
Inseparable it was from her
Like the moon from its stars

What happened next? To know that please read The Park (Part 2)

Image by Annie Spratt


Perfectly two years ago
Had she tied herself
To a pious bond with him
A bond
Which to her ignorance
Had become too straining
Choking her now
She failed to realise
When did the invaluable necklace
he gave her
Started smothering her
Taking her freedom away
She didn’t understand
When did the lustrous diamond
In the ring
Placed on her delicate fingers
Became too heavy to bear
She couldn’t cognize
when did the beautiful silver anklets
Became shackles
Showering captivity
She couldn’t comprehend
When did she submit herself
To his dominance
To his dictatorship
And to him
Her matrimony
Had perhaps imprisoned her

Image by Velizar Ivanov


With his mother in a town lived a curious child

One day some questions popped up in his mind

The world is so big and my feet are small

How will I be able to cover it up all?

How will my tiny eyes understand other’s pain

Or single out teary faces under the rain?

To wipe those tears my hand is feeble and weak

How will it clear the distraught drenched cheek?

My mind won’t be able to catch up the train

Of thoughts of people who call themselves sane

How will I replace my smile with a frown

Like all men and women thriving in the town

To let every dark cloud easily pass

Stoicism and strength how will I amass?

Like you how will I be able to hide my scars

For people to peep in , my heart will be ajar.

One day everyone will leave me at the eleventh hour

And venom of malice is all that they’ll shower

In this obscure dusky world of overgrowns

Taking every breath will be a great milestone

Among hushed up voices my thoughts I won’t shout

If I’ll be able to survive that way I really doubt.

Isn’t it true that living in the world as a grown-up among those Grownups is not as good as it seems. Do you think that way too? Or is there a brighter side to your story? Don’t forget to drop your precious comments.

And if you pen down your version do let me know.


Isn’t it funny, the way memory works?

There are things you can’t quite remember and the ones you can not really forget.

Abysmal memories
entombed in the catacomb of heart
encased in those four chambers so well
perhaps eclipsed by every other soul
Deceiving our own psyche
Yet at times stumbling upon
that very sepulcher
which we swore never to visit again
reviving the accursed ordeal
that we were tired of hating
leaving the scar sore
and wound enkindled
The reminiscent woe leaving us wobbly
so giddy
that we start detesting
our wanderlust of visiting
that dreadful place
yet again